• TFAA Promotional Video
    Promo for the \"Art Across America\" exhibition in South Korea by the Terra Foundation for American Art
  • 18th St Brewery
    Kickstarter Video for 18th Street Kickstarter Campaign
  • Chicago Gourmet
    Event Reel for Chicago\'s finest Food and Wine Festival
  • FoBAB Documentary
    Festival of Wood and Barrel Aged Beer
  • \"Always a Wildcat\"
    Commercial for Northwestern University
  • Roadmap for the Future
    A short documentary of the accomplishments made by the Oncofertility Consortium.

I create video. That’s the simple way of describing what I do. I’ve found that to thrive one must wear many hats: Director of photography/camera operator by default, director, editor, photographer, and motion graphics artist. Be creative. Find the solution. Make it pretty.